The standout performance for me was Craig Hanson, who made for a very funny and splentacular knight. 

Frank Rizzo, Behind the Curtain, Hartford Courant

The performances were uniformly hilarious among the five character cast, although I myself was quite taken by the slacker-ish Tristan (Craig Hanson). 

Gilbert L. Gigliottie, Connecticut Wit

Both have remarkable voices, as Hanson shows in "Too Much Exposition" and Pereira shows in her solos during "What Is Urinetown?" and "Tell Her I Love Her." Their acting gives the show added comedy and, especially in Pereira's case, a touch of sadness.

Sarah Sansolo, Muhlenberg Weekly

Her homophobic (possibly incestuous) jerk of a cousin, Tybalt, is played palpably by Craig Hanson.

Carissa Cordes, New York Theatre Review

And what energy these actors bring to this production! Played around a gypsy cart that transforms into the forest [in the Octagon there is a forest backdrop], they keep the action flowing so fast that their energy is contagious, and the vigor of their performances and their expressive bodies & faces engages young and old alike for the duration of the performance.

Michael P. Howley, Theatre Montgomery







Young Craig Hanson as Tristan exudes charm and physical virility; dressed in jeans and sneaks but sporting a medieval cape, he's the BMOC who knows he's a golden boy but manages to win you over anyway. 

Karen Bovard, Hartford Advocate

Craig Hanson as Tybat is cool, calm, and dadngerous. 

Montserrat Mendez,

[Rachel Pereira] is the perfect stooge for Craig Hanson's gruff, humorless Officer Lockstock, who keeps the play's inside jokes fresh with his deadpan but authoritative commentary. Hanson is also a gifted singer and an agile dancer, whose fast-stepping routines with Brendon Votipka (Barrel) and the rest of the cops are amusing.

Myra Yellin Outwater, The Morning Call

The show works largely becaause of Hennesy and Choura and their fantastic chemistry. Both women draw you in completely in scenes together and apart. They are supported by a strong ensemble cast, especially Jordan Tierny as comic relief Mercutio and Hanson as frat boy Tybalt.

Kacy Stamats, Pataphysical Science

The youthfully attractive Craig Hanson makes for an endearingly cocky Tristan.

Andrew Beck, Hartford Arts Examiner